mother’s day commemoration in building a good impression for children

Mother’s Day Commemoration in Building a Good Impression for Children

As an affection of incredible woman who is commonly called as mother toward the children is certainly started off when they are pregnant of their child.This is what mother expects the child to own great future in adult.Therefore,how big their affection is,they guide the child every time.But ironically,nowadays ,mostly childrens donot obey on the mother such childers who do not respect the mother caused by being influenced of a lot of online games there are really famous in the world.So, it becomes a question that on how to build a good impression for childrens by mothe’s day commemoration.

Basically,mother’s day is a day of mother’s affection commemoration.Where,it is commonly commemorated on 22nd December in every years.As prophet Muhammad ever once stated that “the great parent whose great affection in guiding child is mother’’.So,that statement which obligates us tobe obey our mother.

Broadly speaking,the affection of mother is the biggest than another parent because, mother is really strenuous in delivering their child.Also the first teacher who guides us is mother.such mother guide us on how to talk and others.In commemoratim mother’s day is not eworthy for all childerns.In order that becomes good impression for childerns.because of such the problem in the background above is numerous childrens do not have obedience toward the mother caused by influenced by a lot of online game in the world.Therefore,we as childerns and luckily there is great woman whom we belong that is mother.We must really love her.As what as the song of Roma irama “if you are obedienct of your king,you are better tobe obedient of your mother.If you love with your dear,you are better to love your mother because as commanmend of ALLAH”the blessing of ALLAH is at parents,and the heaven is in the foot of mother”caused by those we should realize together that mother is the most important part of humans being.

Unfortunately,exasperation complicates the world to actualize that mother is the most important human of human being,those are:

1.globalization westernizes the child to own western lifestyle that is individuality life,they will leave their parent when they have been adult

2.many young parents those are caused by free sex do not really care on the child

How to fix those?perhaps, by following these manners below we can fix it:

1.Indonesian as eastern people should always respect to the parent and selective in facing western culture

2.Shouldly,Indonesia young people leave bad environtment and selective in looking for friend

Last of all we as the young countrymen must respect on our parent especially mother who had born us to live with the current of this universe.

Penulis : Ainur Rosyid (Peserta Didik LIPS SMP Nurul Jadid)

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